Special Training Service meets, with an integrated system of assets, competences, experiences and structures, all requirements concerning development and training in the field of security.


In particular STS provides specialization and advanced courses related to operational and/or athletic activities of interest for Military and Police Forces.

STS is composed by a group of experts coming from various military and law enforcement sectors specialized in development and training distinguished by an high technical content. STS’s Instructors have gathered a huge expertise in many military mission in crisis areas as well in training activities within Police Forces, Military Units in general and, in particular, Special Operations Forces.

STS can operate, with its expertise, in the following activities:

  • Operational and Tactical Shooting training carried out in special Firing ranges outfitted for security, law enforcement and military professional operators;
  • Basic and advanced Dynamic Shooting Courses oriented to sport competitive activity;
  • Basic courses, selection and technical and operational training in favour of Security Agencies and Local Police personnel;
  • Prevention and Security Courses (with basic elements about counterterrorism and attacks/attempts defense) ;
  • Self defense and Close Quarter Battle;
  • Baton and handcuffing courses Armament International System Procedures ASP certified;
  • Safe driving, speed driving, operational offensive/defensive driving, off-road driving in continental and desert environments;
  • Mobility in unusual environments included rock-climbing, orienteering and maps-reading;
  • Basic and advanced Parachute Free Fall Courses;
  • Flying School for non commercial aircraft.

STS’s Teams can provide expert advice and technical training to private companies personnel in the security field and in the installation of Technological Security Systems. STS’s Teams organization and expertise allow to organize basic course “out-door” aimed at Companies managers in order to analyze and develop the following aspects:

  • intra-team work;
  • capability to overcome psychophysical obstacles and difficulties;
  • individual and group motivation.

One of the strong point of STS is the capability to plan and organize training activities everywhere in Italy, having all the logistical supports needed, in order to meet the training requirements close to Customers locations to provide adequate, effective and appropriate service with a correct balance between costs and effectiveness.

One of STS’s goal is also to re-qualify, on a professional basis, former soldiers that served in the Italian Armed Forces without criminal records, in order to a possible reemployment in the civilian word. For this reason, STS promotes the development of activities in cooperation with Associazioni d’Arma (Former serviceman associations), Businessman Associations, Governmental Agencies (local and national).

To participate to a STS course the candidate must be in possession of the police authorizations needed and a psychophysical suitability certified by medical structures in charge.